imago (2013)

Butterfly - a magical creature, a symbol of the soul, immortality, rebirth and resurrection. Imago (lat. Imago - «image») is the last stage of transformation from a small track with amazing colorful winged creature.

Spring is the time to spread its wings! Every woman has the wonderful ability to get out of the cocoon of life conventions that accumulate around and transform into beautiful butterflies with colorful wings colorful, shimmering in the sun all the colors of the rainbow. Make reincarnation will Ocheretnoho collection of designer Alexander, called the Imago.

The Japanese butterfly symbolizes a young woman , and the traditional " Dance of the Butterfly " expresses the joy of life. A. Collection Ocheretnoho Imago has oriental flair : there is no direct citations of a dress from the East , but only a light fragrance . He barely heard in distinctive prints that are put on silk, descending cut sleeves that can be considered as an allusion to the kimono , the total color palette of silk and cotton fabrics from which a unique dress.