Fun (2013 )

Fun - its so- called. She is young and carefree . She loves fun and joy. She rushes at full speed by colorful butterflies delight iskrynky zalyvystoho its maddening laughter and real men dream finds itself next to it. Its mild manners and agreeable smile it is impossible not to fall in love at first sight . Since it has never and no one is bored.

This Pet name is very appropriate for this fabulous girl with bright eyes and a clear mind , and the dreamer veseluntsi , moving and restless , capricious and effective, gentle and playful . In view of sunbeams tremble , and her smiling soul rejoices when she is playing with their favorite toys. Magic Fairy Her Majesty fashion each season presents his new girl toys , tactile , utsyatskovani silk and wool, ribbons and fringe hytrospletennya , wealth prints and patterned finishes .

Fun cvoyi sukenky clothes and coat with interesting details, gracefully and happily circled the mirror , and in her face shining sincere smile ... Fun Yongkang - the main character autumn- winter collection of Alexander Ocheretnoho .